Comments on Gallery 2.0

From Nick Jenkins
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Bec's feedback on Gallery 2.0:

  • Obviously written by programmers. Some of the admin options involve weird syntax like "%+s", which no Grandma will ever understand.
  • Hard to find how to change themes.
  • Could not see a theme she liked:
    • The "Siriux" theme was the most visually appealing theme (puts a nice border around images, but don't get any comments or the image name).
    • The sliding bar theme was nice, but it only works if JavaScript is enabled, and seems to break when it isn't.
  • Some bugs (in certain themes and on the admin page the text would either not show, or would wrap off the page or behind images so that it could be read).
  • Cannot click on an image's title to change it in-situ, as per Flickr.
  • Cannot see the previous and next images when looking at an image, as per Flickr.
  • Overall, prefers using the Flickr site, which is the natural competitor / alternative for this functionality.
  • Would probably try Gallery again in a later major version, but version 2 isn't there yet.