Technical problems with the Web

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Javascript as a browser technology[edit]

  • Problem: JavaScript is very useful, but it can be a security hole, and it can be turned off, and each browser has a different-enough implementation of JavaScript to be very annoying.
  • Result: JavaScript is therefore much less useful and less liked than it could be.
  • Possible partial solutions: XForms? Standards compliance?

HTTPS incompatible with virtual hosting[edit]

  • Problem: cannot have multiple HTTPS virtual hosts on one IP address on the standard HTTPS port.
  • Result: hard to host SSL sites.
  • Solution: need to change the HTTPS protocol to support virtual hosting.

Design of Frames sucks[edit]

  • Problem: frames require multiple HTML pages, instead of one HTML page that includes everything needed to show the page.
  • Result: unnecessarily harder to write pages that would benefit from frames.