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Dead photos[edit]

Hi Nick,

It appears the last two pictures are dead? (Kurnell and Botany Bay) They just come up as white for me?


Hey Mike, That's weird. They show OK in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer some of the image links were broken. I refreshed a few times, and then they all showed ok. Most strange - try it now and see if it's OK, and if not try refreshing a few times to see if that helps. If not, the direct links to the images are here for Kurnell and here for Botany Bay. -- Cheers, Nickj 15:31, 17 March 2006 (EST)

Worked it out![edit]

Silly me... it was my built in "Ad blocker". For one of the pictures the path just happened to include ".../ad/...", which explains it, but for the others it's not so obvious why it's a false positive. Ah well.


Yeah, I've seen this too, should have clicked about this possibility. Now I just add any wikis that I use to my bypass list, because they almost never seem to have advertising or other annoying stuff, so I generally find them to be quite safe. -- Cheers, Nickj 16:05, 17 March 2006 (EST)

Hi from the French ski slopes...[edit]

Great write-up, kiddo, you should be a journalist! Seems like you found foreign ski slopes very different from from the warmer, Aussie ones. Next you'll need to try the slopes around here, but you won't find any Japanese food I'm afraid. Pity about that, the food I mean, because I adore Japanese food and it certainly is healthy. Anyway, the slopes are just half an hour away.

Loved the bit when Paul fell after "misreading" the slope! Sounds mean, but I used to do that regularly when I skied in Canada and everybody used to fall about laughing, after making sure that I would live, of course. I never really got the hang of it all, and I don't enjoy the cold. However, living in Canada meant that I didn't have much choice really, we had to ski for a stroll, we couldn't walk in 1 meter of snow, and didn't want to stay housebound during the weekends or be forced to drive. I don't think Alex has ever tried skiing, and I know they don't do it in Martinique!

Hope Becky is fine and that you are planning a trip over here some time. We have nearly finished renovating one half of the house, including reversible A/C and solar panels. When we have digested this half we'll do the other. We have a splendid terrace, facing the mountains, that is to be enjoyed by all. Now March is here we are spending more and more time out there, taking in the view and the sun - heavenly.

Looking forward to reading more of your "work".

Love from us both, Diane and Alex

P.S. Can't help noticing how much Paul looks like his mother in those photos...

Great page very useful...[edit]

..Ive skied Switzerland, Austria and Scotland and read about Japan last year. Japan seems to be a poorly kept secret, Id never have dreamt that they could have such good skiing and not be overun.Im going to Niseko in Feb of 2007 prob for 2 weeks and Im now straining at the leash having read your excellent holiday page. Thank you

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Hi Steve, Thank you for your kind comments! I think you'll have a great time in Japan - just remember to rug up, gets cold in Feb! -- Cheers, Nickj 12:18, 21 July 2006 (EST).

thanks for sharing your diary[edit]

Thanks, I really enjoyed the anecotes and the fact that you took the time to write it all. You imparted a much better feel for Niseko than any of the travel guides. I really laughed at the antics of your father and the description of the kettle, I can really identify with him. I am taking my two sons to Niseko for the first time next January and just happened upon your article. By coincidence we have also booked with Steve Kelso. We decided not to stay at the Scott but at a small pension nearby, hope we've made the right decision. What is your opinion of Annapuri as the base rather than Hirafu? regards, Annette Guerry

Hi Annette, Sorry to take to so long to reply! I think you'll have a great time in January. We're also planning to go again (probably in March though), also with Steve Kelso again, and for part of it we're planning to stay in a pension too; I honestly don't know what to expect, but it should be interesting. The main thing I think is distance from the lifts - so if the pension is quite close (or is on the bus route through town) then you should be set, and have an interesting experience. Annapuri as a base could be very good from a skiing perspective (right up to nice wide runs), however that part of the mountain seemed a bit more exposed to the wind (i.e. seemed to close more when the weather got worse, so sometimes travelling to Hirafu to ski would be required), and I didn't see too many buildings / restaurants / etc (mind you this was only from a distance, so take it with a grain of salt - but this may mean you'd have to travel by bus some nights into Hirafu perhaps if you wanted some variety in terms of food). Anyway I think you'll have a great time, and hope that you and your sons have at least as much fun as we did! -- All the best, Nickj 12:16, 12 October 2006 (EST)