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This is the letter I sent as feedback to HOYTS on 20-12-2008:

Your NEW Web pages totally suck.

  • Slow,
  • unhelpful,
  • sh##@@ ads when I want to check the movie times,
  • session times and cinema I have to select EVERY time although there is a cookie and it knows who I am,
  • refresh for everything you touch and everything that you don't (are you kidding me?)

ASK for YOUR Money BACK - You have been scammed. You want to make money from your web site? I thought you WERE in the MOVIE business, you are making it difficult for people to find the info they are after. People come to those pages to get info they are interested in, NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO forcefully feed them (absolutely annoying, pathetic... WRONG). I will find alternative ways to get my info AND MY MOVIES if you don't care. -- The above message was left by on 20-Dec-2008

I agree - the current Hoyts web site, and the previous one, are both really bad. They should drop the advertisements, and make it super quick and easy to see what movies are showing at which cinemas, and when. Also I've tried with a friend using the Hoyts website on their mobile phone (because we were out and about and decided we wanted to see a movie), and it was basically unusable; that's very silly because movie times are the perfect bit of information to check on a mobile phone. So yes, the Hoyts web site really badly needs improvement, towards painlessly and quickly giving the customer the information that they want. -- All the best, Nickj 11:05, 22 December 2008 (EST)