Likes and Dislikes

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Some of My Likes and Dislikes:


  • The English language.
  • Living in a country with some form of statutory gun-control.
  • Scripting languages - they provide memory management / garbage collection, weak type-casting, and the code is generally interpreted not compiled so things can be developed quickly.
  • Wikipedia, wikis, and other tools that allow web content to be created quickly and collaboratively.
  • Snorkelling around coral cay tropical islands.
  • Chocolate.
  • Boogie boarding.
  • Most of the movies on the IMDB top 250.
  • Dishwashing machines. Easily the most underrated domestic appliance.


  • Religious or ideological zealots.
  • Strangers who disturb me on the train or at home, and try to sell me something or indoctrinate me into their religion.
  • Web sites that open unsolicited popup windows, or have flashing / moving advertising.
  • Sites that use JavaScript links instead of normal web links.
  • Water-saving shower-heads - standing under a trickle of water struggling to wash suds away is not my idea of fun.
  • Online shopping sites that are structured so as to make it hard to find international shipping prices, or even worse, won’t give you pricing on international shipping until after credit card details have been entered.
  • Computer vendors shafting their customers.
  • Snooty people who take more time to point out spelling and grammar mistakes than it would take to just fix them (you know who you are).