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Notes to myself on the LG WD-1435RD washer/dryer.

Overall it seems quite good, but the manual is pretty bad (it omits some important stuff), and the further you get into the manual the worse the translation gets, so I'm keeping these notes.

Also I'm in Sydney, Australia, so the details & prices below may be different for other countries.

If you want to add or correct anything, this page is open slather (as long as you are being constructive), so please feel free to do so (just click any of the "Edit" links).

Price paid

Prices for this model vary enormously. Some places want to charge $1300 or even $1400, but you can get a much better price.

In July 2006, after shopping around between 5 stores, NAPF electronics had the best price we could find, of $1049. You get a $150 rebate from Sydney Water (valid until 2007), so the final price is $900.

You may be able to get a lower price of $995 from the Good Guys in Alexandria (not sure whether this includes the rebate or not though).

How to ask LG a question about this machine

For LG customer service on this machine, phone 1800-643-156, then menu option 1, then menu option 1 (again).

Door locks shut for 2 minutes

The electronic door locks shut for about 2 minutes after the wash or dry. You need to leave it alone for a bit, and then it will unlock itself.

How to use just the dryer

Example: Do a 7 kilo wash, and want to split the load in half because the dryer only dries 4 kilos, how do we dry the other half?

This is not explained in the manual. The LG person said they get asked this question a lot.

To do this, press:

  1. Power
  2. Dry
  3. Start

There will be a water filling sound for 20 minutes. This is normal because of the way the condensor dryer works, and apparently does not make the clothes wet.

To wash and dry, need to select a wash

You need to select a wash type to be able to wash & dry.

Washing times

  • Cotton 60C + Intensive + Pre-wash + Dry = 5 hours 45 minutes. Good for a really thorough clean for sheets that can be tumble-dried, towels, whites that can be tumble-dried, colours that can be tumble-dried.

Questions / Quirks

Have yet to work out how to do the following:

  • How to reduce creases? e.g. Do we need to select a different wash? Or reduce the size of the load?
  • Forgets the wash settings and turns itself off after 4 minutes if you don't start the wash, or don't unpause it if you are mid-way through a wash. Any way to stop this from happening?

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