Debian stable Web Server step-by-step

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This is a series of specific steps for setting up Debian Etch 5.0 as a nice PHP web server. You are welcome to correct any mistakes or errors, improve the content, or add anything that seems to be missing.

Run memtest overnight

{{subst:Linux setup steps/Memory test}}

Install Debian Etch 4.0 base on an HP netserver 1000R with a NetRAID card.

Linux setup steps/Install Debian Etch 4.0

Update /etc/apt/sources.list.

Linux setup steps/update APT sources list

Get the latest and greatest packages.

Linux setup steps/upgrade Debian packages

Remove unneeded or unwanted packages.

Linux setup steps/Remove unneeded or unwanted Debian packages

Install LAMP.

Linux setup steps/Install LAMP on Debian

Install extra useful software.

Linux setup steps/Install extra useful software

Disable IPv6.

Linux setup steps/Disable IPv6

Stop console screen from blanking.

Linux setup steps/Stop console screen from blanking

Exim 4 configuration.

Linux setup steps/Exim 4 configuration

Customizing Apache configuration.

Linux setup steps/Customize Apache configuration

Set up Apache virtual hosting.

Linux setup steps/Apache virtual hosting

Apache content compression.

Linux setup steps/Apache content compression

Configure php.ini.

Linux setup steps/Configure php.ini

Enable SSL in Apache 2.

Linux setup steps/Enable SSL in Apache 2

Change the date.

Linux setup steps/Change the date

Installing and configuring tripwire.

Linux setup steps/installing and configuring tripwire

Tweak MySQL configuration.

Linux setup steps/Tweak MySQL configuration

Installing and configuring portsentry.

Linux setup steps/installing and configuring portsentry

Locking down the IP functionality.

Linux setup steps/Locking down the IP functionality


Linux setup steps/Set limits.conf

Install bastille.

Linux setup steps/Install bastille

Install the latest SUN JDK using pinning.

Linux setup steps/Install the latest SUN JDK using pinning

Install the NTP daemon to keep the time current.

Linux setup steps/Install NTP daemon to keep the time current

Automatic daily downloading and email notification of pending security updates.

Linux setup steps/cron-apt

Test if all CPUs are being used.

Linux setup steps/test if using all cpus

Move Cronjobs forward a few hours.

Linux setup steps/move cronjobs forward a few hours

Alias the poweroff command.

Linux setup steps/Alias the poweroff command

Permission changes.

Linux setup steps/Permission changes

Install APC as the PHP opcode cache.

Linux setup steps/Install APC as the PHP opcode cache