Are you a Nick Jenkins or Nicholas Jenkins?

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Are you a "Nick Jenkins"? Or are you a "Nicholas Jenkins"?

  • Occasionally I get emails from people that share my name. Some are even annoyed at me for registering "", because that prevented them from registering it!
  • Once in a blue moon, I'll get an email that was obviously intended for some other Nick/Nicholas Jenkins, but that was sent to me in error. From these misdirected emails, some of you, it must be said, do seem to leading quite interesting lives: having illicit affairs, arranging to buy marijuana, travelling (of course), chatting with sailors from US aircraft carriers, and having friends who use trampolines to control their blood sugar levels, all appear to be viable options.
  • Sometimes I come across a web page belonging to another Nick/Nicholas Jenkins - and of course you can't help but look.

It all makes me wonder: Who are these people that have the same name as me? Where are they? What do they do?

Inspired by "Are you Dave Gorman?", I have decided to keep a list of links to web pages for people who share my name.


The criteria for being listed are very simple, and are as follows:

  1. Your first name be "Nick" or "Nicholas".
  2. Your surname must be "Jenkins".
  3. You must have some kind of web page.
  4. Your web page must work (it must exist, be publicly accessible, have something on it, not redirect somewhere else, etc).

You must fulfil all of the above criteria in order to be listed on this page.

To be added to the list[edit]

If you do fulfill all of the above criteria, then what are you waiting for? Get yourself added to the list:

The quickest and easiest way is add yourself, using this edit link.

Or if you would prefer me to add you, leave a comment to the talk page, with:

  • Your name that you wish to be listed as.
  • A link to your web site.
  • Your country / location that you wish to be listed as.
  • Your occupation that you wish to be listed as.
  • Anything that you want to go in the "Other info" section (optional).

Also, if you are already listed but want your entry to be updated or removed, then please feel free to edit or update your entry.

The Nick Jenkins list[edit]

Name Web page Location Occupation
Nick Jenkins and Sydney, Australia Writes software.
Nicholas G. Jenkins (currently blank) USA  ?
Nick Jenkins Prague, Czech Republic Writer.
Nicholas Jenkins London, UK Consultant / Designer.
Nicholas Jenkins and [1] San Francisco, California, USA Teaches English poetry at Stanford University
Nick Jenkins (currently blank) California, USA  ?
Nick Jenkins Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Landscape Photographer and author
Nick Jenkins and [2], [3], [4], & [5] Manchester, United Kingdom Professor - Renewable Energy and Power
Nick Jenkins Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom Computing Officer
Nick Jenkins Coventry, United Kingdon Radiotherapy physicist
Nick Jenkins Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Used car salesman
Nick Jenkins Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom Chartered accountant
Nick Jenkins and [6] United Kingdom DJ
Nicholas Jenkins Greenwich, United Kingdom Music Director at University of Greenwich
Nick Jenkins Texas, USA Regional Manager, Nextel Communications
Dr. Nick Jenkins United Kingdom Doctor?
Nicholas Jenkins London, United Kingdom Tax planning solicitor
Nicholas/Nick Jenkins California, United States Teenager